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She is a Hero! FREE DIY CARD for Mom that Will Positively Lift Her Spirit | RAZ Ideas 4U

DIY Part 1 -She is a


Hero! Mom's do a lot for us everyday. Here's how YOU CAN MAKE a HERO CARD for Mom to keep and make her heart fly high.

Mom's can make us feel like heroes. Now it's your turn to make her feel like one too. Here is how to create a keepsake for Mom she will love and read for years. You will use RAZ Art superhero cover layout to print and mixed media for embellishment. Plus great tips on writing a short story for Mom and for social media influencer.

  1. FREE DOWNLOAD of "She is a HERO" card layout & illustration

  2. Great HERO story prompts & list of HERO lines & phrases

  3. Directions to make your very own "She is a Hero" card for Mom

  4. Influencer hashtag list for social posting

Supplies You Will Need to Make Your DIY "She is a HERO Card":

  • 8.5x11” Blank paper, the thicker the better

  • RAZ Printed Card Cover (see below)

  • Metal Ruler (optional)

  • Pencil/Pen

  • Markers or crayons

  • Paint with brushes and a cup of water

Download your FREE CARD PDF "She is a Hero" -- Click Yellow Button below:

This is the illustration included on the outside of card.
Click YELLOW button below to download & print on card stock.


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Continuing the DIRECTIONS for Your DIY CARD "She is a HERO":


  1. Take an 8.5x11” sheet of paper, place it in the printer, and print RAZ "She is a HERO!" card for Mom template from above.

  2. After printing the cover; fold the paper vertically from top to bottom with the image facing out; make top corners of paper meet the bottom corners.

  3. Push your hand down along the fold. To score the fold, use a ruler and move it along the fold to ensure it holds

  4. After finishing the cover, open it up, and this is where you get to tell your Mom's hero’s story.


  1. Write your own message inside with ideas from below:

    1. Choose from the list of HERO Lines & Phrases

    2. Answer question prompts to write your own HERO STORY about mom

A) List of HERO lines and phrases for inside your DIY CARD "She is a Hero":

You could use part of the lyrics from the new song “Wonder Woman” by John Legend

“When I'm lost, when I'm low

How do you always know?

Oh, you're right there to save me"

  1. She is a Wonder Woman

  2. Moms are very cool and they never make us a fool

  3. Mom, You're my superhero

  4. Mom, Just wanted you to know, you are our HERO

  5. Mom, You always dream of seeing us reach the top

  6. Mom, You hold our hands forever and motivate us

  7. Mother is a real heroine in our lives

  8. Mothers give happiness to others

  9. A mother motivates us to see dreams with open eyes and fulfill those

B) Question Prompts to Write Your Own HERO story for Mom:

On a separate paper, journal answers to the following questions. Then using a pen rewrite your answers inside of card.

  1. How would you describe your mom?

  2. What’s she like?

  3. What did you learn from her?

  4. How often do tell her how you feel?

  5. How would you say "Thank You," without using those words?


After writing your "She is a HERO" for Mom inside the card, now use art supplies to paint, draw, and decorate the card. The possibilities are endless!

Influencer HASHTAG Opportunity

Are you a mini influencer? Here's how. You can take photos while making your work of art for Mom & share your very own DYI card on social media with hashtags and see other's ideas!

  1. See your very own "She Is A Hero" card show up in all the feeds listed below!

  2. Copy the hashtag group below, add with your posts in FB, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter


We hope you have fun creating this "She is a Hero" keepsake for Mom.

Until next time, the RAZ Art Team wishes you a hero's journey.


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