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Celebrate with RAZ

Imagine the excitement of creating your favorite things. You can choose your own theme party from anime shows, superheroes, cartoons, games, animals, or your UNIQUE story.



Enjoy two large outdoor spaces and two indoor art rooms.

We can host up to 100 guests!

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Our professionally trained artists and entertainers will guide and inspire your guests

to make their own RAZ Art Party projects & take them home as memorable gifts.

Customize your own party by choosing one from each group

The main activity group:


  • Painting   

  • Drawing characters 

  • Building with wood/boards/metal  

  • Tie-Dye shirts 

  • Fabric Collage

  • Dance & Music 

  • Sport game

The additional activity group: 

  • Slime 

  • Lava lamp

  • Snow Globe

  • Face painting      

  • Bracelets, letters & beads

  • Sculpting with a magic clay

  • Paper animation

The times:


  • Sunday morning 11am -1pm or afternoon 3-5 pm

  • Monday - Thursday after 4 pm 

Party schedule for 2 hours:

1 hour -  first activity

 30 min - food break

30 min - second activity

$250 per additional hour, $250 per each additional activity, $69 per additional participant.

Additional fees may apply to outside parties.

RAZ Specials

RAZ’s favorite bundles:

  1. Make your Dream House

    Build a house/room with boards, make furniture with wood and sculpt interior objects with magic clay.

  2. Mixed Media Painting and bracelets

    Paint with acrylics, add fabric, gems, shells, and make bracelets with beads, letters, and charms. 

  3. Making Characters

    Draw a fantasy creature with watercolor pencils, and sculpt it with magic clay.

Let's discuss your favorite theme and your choice of activities. Bring your own food and decorations.

Read our Blog for pictures, stories, and ideas

 Price packages:

Up to 10 participants - $745 with $69 per additional participant

Up to 20 participants - $1385 with $69 per additional participant

Up to 30 participants - $2050 with $69 per additional participant

Our parties last for 2 hours, with $250 per additional hour

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