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RAZ Journal, wk 9 - Musical Play "Unity Through Diversity" Aug 9-13, 2021

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

In a grand finale to RAZ Summer Art Camp 2021 themed “Unity Through Diversity,” the goal was for campers to produce and perform a musical play within two weeks.

RAZ teachers welcomed Summer Art Campers and told them about the world tour kids had experienced in the previous 8 weeks of camp. Things got started, the musical play script was read and children chose characters.

But things changed...

Would you call it chaos?

Some registered campers had to pull out last minute. Then new campers came midweek. Some literally came from the other side of the world. Others were shy and didn't know this camp was about performance. Some didn't talk, others talked too much. Plus, most children couldn't stay 2 weeks at end of summer.

With the enrollment shifting kids were ahead or behind or got confused. The noise level increased. People were going forward or backward on projects. Directions needed to be repeated.

[Click on < arrows > in photo] (A great way to pause, during breaks campers colored in characters from different nations on The World Map mural.)

Teachers and campers had different cultural perspectives, opinions, and there was a broad range of ages. All this made it hard to agree on the lines and follow instructions. It was a challenge to work together.

The play RAZ originally planned wasn't going to work. Now what?

The chaos became an opportunity for everyone at RAZ, Teachers took a pause after camp, reconvened, changed the schedule and projects to the situation. That included giving the kids time to pause too.

RAZ Life Lesson

  • Take time to pause

  • Reframe problems into opportunities

New Project: Australian Aboriginal Dot Art Painting

A creative way to pause is repetitive motion done in the dot painting technique. It's very relaxing and meditative. Kids made stylized mandala-shaped paintings on circular wood panels. (Tip: Parents, when kids engage in this project at home it gets quiet and you will have a pause too!)

(RAZ founder Yael Lichaa demonstrating a RAZ life lesson)

RAZ Life Lesson

"When we start sharing we create more room to receive." Yael Lichaa

"Imagine we are a cup that wants to be filled. We take in something. As we take and take, eventually we become full and there is no more room to receive," RAZ founder Yael Lichaa explained as she poured water into a container. She poured until it was full to the brim. "How can we receive more?"

She took the bottom out of a cup, then right there started pouring water into it.

"What!" children gasped.

"See how this creates room to be filled from the top?" She replied as the water flowed freely through the cup. "Just like this cup - when you are more sensitive to other kids' needs and share, it makes more room inside your heart, and soon you will be filled too."

Yael taught, "What if you want to use green paint or fabric but another kid took it. You might feel upset at first. Right? This happens in art class all the time. But what will happen if for now, you choose yellow instead and nicely let them have the green? Pretty soon the kid with green paint or fabric will pass it back to you when they're done. Then both of you feel happy! You might discover the yellow made your own artwork look even better!" (It actually happened in the art below).

Project: Cultural Costume Swatch Design

Discover how sharing green and choosing yellow came to real-life from the story above. These cultural Costume Swatch Design projects came out amazing!

(Click the arrow in the picture to go through this delightful photo gallery) RAZ Art Campers created their Costume Swatch Designs. RAZ instructors taught kids how to draw proportions of the human figure, work with fabric and mixed media.

RAZ Art Campers lived this key to success:

It was a brilliant idea the teachers developed to have each child represent their family’s country of origin for the play. Kids got really excited as they chose music, made costumes and props about their own cultures. At the same time, everyone was learning about each other’s cultures.

Project: Costume Tie-dye.

This fun take-home T-shirt was part of the costume in the musical play. Kids made them match their own costume designs.

Project: Musical Play Costumes

Children got to work with art professional Kimberly Grace on bringing their designs to life. She taught them how to measure their own body size, make a custom pattern design, cut, and assemble. It was terrific to watch the kids bring their characters to life each time they tried on the costume pieces.

RAZ Life Lesson:

Whatever we think happens. We create our reality. Yael Lichaa

What's your world?

To finalize traveling different continents children created a world map.

What's your story?

While putting each puzzle together on certain continents some kids started complaining, "It's boring to fill so much space with puzzle pieces."

Let's make it bigger!

Yael explained, "It's boring because you're just thinking about puzzle pieces. Instead of complaining, think about children your age there! What might they need? How can you share? Send them the energy of healing, protection, and unity.

We are the World!

Project: Make a World Map

Kids found where they lived on the world atlas, learned their continent as well as the others in their world. They learned how to sketch with charcoal, outline with marker, and paint with a sponge bottle.

Team-building Game: Tallest Tower

Building props and instruments for the musical play

Children built their own props for the play. Look at this amazing airplane he built in one week!

Watching last year's play and performances for inspiration.

And because they themselves came from different cultures, it ended up a perfect opportunity where children learned and lived the play's lessons.

To finalize RAZ Summer Art Camp 2021 themed “Unity Through Diversity,” campers produced and performed a musical play. The play began with individual performances and concluded where everyone came together strongly with the song “We are the World.” Because the children came from many different cultures, they learned and lived the theme throughout the week of camp.

It was a great learning experience to overcome differences, working styles, and expectations. The team-building game and final play performance were a hit! It was very individual and united at the end!!!


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