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RAZ Journal- Eskimo Kisses from Antarctica! Aug 2-6

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Need a chill pill? Campers escaped the heat of LA in dog days of summer to see Northern Lights, Vikings & sled dogs. They visited the coldest places on earth, Iceland, North Pole, Greenland, & Antarctica, the last continent of the 2021 RAZ World Tour

The North Pole - Did you Know?

  • There is no country or land at the North Pole. It's an arctic sea, sometimes covered with ice, that's considered part of international waters.

  • During the summer the sun shines 24 hours a day. The sun rises in March and doesn't set for 6 months, until September!

  • When you stand on the ice cap at the North Pole, any direction you point is South.

What more exhilarating way to start a trip than “sailing” to the North Pole at the top of the world? The Polar lights (aurora polaris) Art Campers “saw” an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon found in both the northern and southern hemispheres they “visited” this week.

Project 1: Like Northern Lights, the 1st project sparkled and waved. RAZ Art Campers used glow-in-the-dark paint on black canvases and topped with real glitter.

Projects 2 & 3: Made Origami snowflakes and Collages of daylight activity

Iceland - Did You Know?

  • Surprisingly, only 1,100 years ago Vikings from Norway discovered Iceland by accident. It was the last continent on earth to be settled by humans.

  • Many Icelanders believe in elves and trolls. So visitors ask them to tell a tale or two!

  • The 3 colors on Iceland’s national flag have meaning. Volcanic fires are represented by red, snow & ice by white, and ocean by blue.

Project 4: Created a Viking character and fashion swatch design including helmet, shield, and sword.

Project 5: Built a Viking character from wood and made its costume from leather, fur, metal, and mixed media.

Project 6: Campers wrote their name in the ancient language of the North with hidden fairies.

When it was 90 degrees outside RAZ campers went ice-skating in Van Nuys. It was so cold they needed hoodies and gloves -- what fun!

Greenland - Did You Know?

  • Why is it even called Green? The majority of the land is covered in ice! Erik the Red gave it that name, hoping to get more settlers to join him.

  • The words kayaking and igloo come from the Greenlandic language.

  • The country is technically part of Denmark but has its own government.

Projects 7 & 8: Sculpted unique Arctic animals, sled dogs, or polar bears with I-clay

Project 9: Built wooden dog sled with wood, popsicle sticks, and accessories

Antarctica (South Pole) - Did You Know?

  • The driest places on earth are in Antarctica. There is land at the South Pole, but not even snow or ice can be in what’s called “The Dry Valleys.”

  • Researchers stay in Antarctic bases to study the continent's life, geography, and temperature. Why do you think it would also be a good location for astronomers?

  • Emile Marco Palma was the first person born on the continent of Antarctica, in January 1979, less than 100 years ago! Since then only 10 people have been born there.

Project 10: Built an igloo for the Inuit people on a snow base using foam, cotton, glitter & hot glue

Project 11: Colored wooden stick figures with markers based on a culture from this week

Every day kids gave mini art shows to their parents when they came to pick them up. By week's end RAZ Summer Art Campers made a dozen art projects from the places they visited.

Campers had their passports stamped and filled their journals with interesting facts in each country they dog-sledded across the ice to visit. Children had chances to earn RAZ coins as they learned RAZ studio rules of good conduct. The coins were cashed in on Friday for real prizes at the RAZ 'tourist' shop.


Antarctica was week 8 and the 7th continent


The 2021 RAZ Summer Art Camp world tour

"Unity Through Diversity."

This educational and cultural art experience is part of the summer RAZ curriculum which immerses children into discovering and "traveling" the world over 10 weeks. They learned geography, history, and social studies as 7 continents and many countries were explored.


See what's coming next on the schedule

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