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RAZ Journal- Sizzle in South America, July 12-17, 2021

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Hola y Bienvenidos! Hot isn't just for jalapenos.

In the 5th week, RAZ Summer Art Campers savored the sizzle of countries in Mexico and the 5th continent of South America including Cuba, Brazil, Peru, and Argentina.

Moved into Mexico

1. Art Campers celebrated their unity through diversity by painting self-portraits.

RAZ teachers told the story of a very famous artist from Mexico, Frida Kahlo, who found making art was therapeutic for her. When a little girl, Frida was in a bad bus accident. She was put in a body cast a long time. Plus there was a polio pandemic and she got very sick. Frida learned as a girl that...

Art is a beneficial way: 
a) to deal with pain and isolation 
b) safely express what we are feeling 
c) create happiness around ourself 

Thankfully Frida got better and grew up. She loved art and got good at putting the dualities of life together like, life/death, dark/light, earth/industry. RAZ campers learned through her story to make things better in life they need to invest in understanding and being themselves.

"To make things better in life invest in understanding & being yourself"

2. Capers designed a Spanish Sugar Skull with markers and gems. They heard Spanish cultural legends which teach respect for elders and memories of ancestors that are celebrated in "Day of the Dead - Dia de Los Muertos.

Caviated into Cuba

3. Campers designed & colored a cubism image.

Why did the kids discover Cubism when they "traveled" to Cuba? Do you think it's the name? No. Like RAZ Art Campers, Cuban artists "traveled" abroad and made their worlds bigger! In the 1900s they discovered the European art movements Primitivism, Surrealism and--Cubism (you guessed it, lol). Cuban artists mixed those influences with their childlike "naive art" style. What an exciting treasure to find!

Broadened to Brazil

The party was on--from colorful carnivals to spirited soccer games, the children:

4. Made Brazillian carnival hats with feathers and accessories, and more...

5. Sculpted a soccer player [air-dry I-clay]

6. Designed a custom sports team jersey [fabric pens & paints, stencils], and more...

7. Got their RAZ travel backpacks & water bottles for a field trip to the outdoor park for games and a picnic.

Mysteries in Mesoamerica

Centuries of intelligent Mayan cultures emerged as campers ventured into the region to find advanced ruins. The conquering Aztec empire intrigued them and so did the peaceful Inca civilization built high over mountaintops.

Campers in Positive Pull of Peru

8. Built an Incan hut-house [hot glue, wood, foam board, thatch, popsicle sticks, mixed media]

9. Designed wooden furniture & objects for Incan living.

10. Painted their version of the amazing Rainbow Mountain [salt & dyes]

11. Created pet alpaca animals [wood,

Amazed at Aztec Artists

12. Made Mayan Aztec masks [recycled items, mixed media]

13. Produced an animation project using all the elements Art Campers made through the week - [house, mountain, characters]

Friends Now, Finessed a Finale

14. Designed typography by creating characters from South America out of letters from their names.

15. Learned Salsa with dance teacher Shiva

Richer in the benefits of "Unity Through Diversity" they learned after "traveling" the continent of South America and Mexico, Summer Art Campers sizzled hot with stories and heightened creativity to better their worlds at home.


South America was week 5 and the 4th continent


The 2021 RAZ Summer Art Camp world tour

"Unity Through Diversity."

Each week's educational and cultural art experience is part of the summer RAZ curriculum to immerse children in discovering and "traveling" the world over 10 weeks (June 14 - Aug 20). While staying at the RAZ studio in Beverly Hills kids learn geography, history, and social studies as they explore 7 continents.


See what's up next on the schedule

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