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RAZ Journal - Diverse Asia Adventures, July 19-23

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Namaste / Kon'nichiwa / Chao! Rich from People & Culture, Art Campers created wealth in artworks & memories.

"Traveling" to India, Japan, and China children got their RAZ passports stamped, learned to keep a travel art journal, and practiced storytelling, painting, design, and building.

RAZ Art Campers were proud of staying at The RAZ in Beverly Hills, CA while they "toured" the other side of the world this week.


While visiting India, RAZ Art campers heard about the Festival of Colors where people actually throw powdered colored pigments onto each other! It's a crazy victory celebration that good wins out over evil. Well. RAZ wanted to have a Festival of Colors too. So Art Campers whipped out their pallet knives. What? Yep. (To avoid the wild mess ending up on kids and then in parents cars) Kids got to sprinkle powdered pigment all over plaster they had applied onto canvasses - and mix it with pallet knives. This was crazy fun too!

Why did children make their own board game "Snakes and Ladders" this particular week? Because it first originated in India. Kids play the same game, called "Moksha Patam.” The life lesson: a) ladders upward are like when kids work hard or take positive action, and b) snakes sliding down are like times kids do something negative because they got selfish or defiant.

Children had temporary Indian Henna Tattoos or their faces painted as they learned about the cultural uniqueness of Indian weddings. Symbolizing protection over the bride from negative spirits so she can be most beautiful, pure, and holy for the husband.


Kids designed an Anime Character and made Kawaii (Cute) T-shirts as they heard fascinating and fun facts about the country of Japan like these.

Some Japanese Fun Facts

  • People bow to greet instead of shaking hands (like in America)

  • It's home to many martial arts, such as Karate, Juda, Sumo, Ninjutsu, Kendo, Jujutsu, Aikido - to name a few!

  • Part of education is learning to clean. That's why a lot of Japanese schools make students clean classrooms, even toilets.

By Tuesday 7/20 Art Campers were already getting lessons on drawing the human figure and making a page of Anime Costume Design they developed.

Sculpting a dragon/creature out of clay and glaze turned out to be a favorite project as RAZ artists told Japanese tales about dragons and their tails.

To see more Japanese art in person campers took a field trip Wednesday to GR2 Gallery for a privately guided tour and went shopping at the Giant Robot Store for ideas and of course, robots!

On Thursday kids built their own robots. Each one was full of personality!


It was terrific fun but what a mess to clean up! Children splash painted lanterns and learned about Chinese festivals.

Did you Know?

  • China is a huge country with a single time zone. That’s why in some places the sun rises in the morning at 10:00 AM.

  • China is the owner of all pandas. Literally, all of them! Every single panda that lives in this world belongs to China.

  • It is believed the Chinese were the first to make ice cream. They churned a milk and rice mixture with the snow - more than 4,000 years ago!

Cherry blossom is famous in China and used in many artworks, including fans. Children made fans by first learning to paint a beautiful motif with watercolors and oil pastels, then folding and fastening it onto pieces of wood.

On Friday during music and dance with Shiva kids watched Indian animated music videos then practiced some of the moves. They found it was a lot harder than it looked!

You too can have your kids enjoy rich and meaningful experiences of creative living at Robertson Art Zone. Various classes and camps run throughout the year. Keep coming back to the website to see what's new.


Asia was week 6 and the 5th continent


The 2021 RAZ Summer Art Camp world tour

"Unity Through Diversity."

This educational and cultural art experience is part of the summer RAZ curriculum has immersed children in discovering and "traveling" the world over 10 weeks. They have learned geography, history, and social studies as 7 continents were explored.


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What's your world? What's your story? Let's make it bigger!

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