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NEW for ADULTS | Healing and Joy with Art | RAZ Studio, Beverly Hills

Robertson Art Zone has initiated an astutely designed spring program of Healing & Joy with Art.

SAFE and convenient

easy and effective


A Time to Restore! > Reframe > Release > Renew

"I always have the best experiences here! The events are so fun, and it's a very positive environment to be in!"

"Even if you don't like art, this place will make you fall in love with it." Rachel

Workshops and Classes with Art for Adults

You deserve self-care,

therapeutic art,


Robertson Art Zone is one of the best things to do for adults or kids in West LA during the pandemic.

Degreed, professional artists lead and teach curious explorers in-person at creative events, workshops, and art classes in a safe, studio environment. (book by the course or class)

What will you experience?

  1. Learn how to unlock your creative side and express yourself

  2. Overcome limiting beliefs and face your fears, quickly

  3. Different mediums such as mixed media, painting, drawing, character design, building with clay, jewelry making

  4. Engage familiar healthy habits like positive thinking, healthy eating, or daily exercise in unusually fun ways such as art, music, and laughter.

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Event Dates


​Course &


​​Healing & Joy with Art

​4 Tuesdays

Feb, March, May

​10:00 AM -

12:00 PM


​Valentine's Art Night

​Sunday, Feb 13

​6:00 -

8:00 PM


​How to Teach Art, the Unique RAZ Method

​4 Tues evenings

Feb, March, May

​5:30 PM -

7:30 PM



​Birthdays, & more

​Thurs, Sat, or Sun




Healing Art & Joy - Course Content

The full course is 4 consecutive Tuesdays. Classes repeat in February and March.

CLASS 1 - Define. Your Desires

  1. What do you desire? Defining feelings linked to your dreams are very powerful, whether positive or negative.

  2. At RAZ, Beverly Hills designers select colors with care and teach you basic color theory, how colors mix, match, or contrast. Paint a color wheel palette to keep.

  3. Experiment with painting styles to capture your desires and feelings through color and paint on canvas.

Photo UPDATE: Tues. Feb 8, 22 - Class 1 participants were thrilled at how many colors they blended into a perfect pallet from just yellow, magenta, and cyan (blue).

Photo UPDATE: Tues. Feb 8, 22 - Class 1 "Just what I was hoping for, it's so therapeutic!" classmates said while painting their emotions with the color pallets they made.

Class 2 - Overcome. Fears and Limitations

  1. Through pressing pinch pots and hand-building with pottery clay release hidden feelings

  2. Learn to let go of control and enjoy the process

  3. Connect to endless creativity with different hand-making techniques

Class 3 - Speak. I Have a Dream!

  1. It's that time of year to start NEW! Affirm your dream through messages.

  2. Explore mixed media and collage techniques in creating a vision board.

Class 4 - DO! Model to Move

  1. Build a more confident sense of self in defining steps and achieving goals

  2. Do the uncomfortable, improve through life's challenges

  3. Build a model of imagined personal space or workspace with wood and metal.

"I can’t recommend RAZ enough! Yael and the entire staff are so sweet and caring...

This place is very professional, engaging, and knowledgeable about various types of art. They are simply the best!!!" Ava

See photos and news plus the full spring schedule of Healing and Joy with Art events and activities on the RAZ website, Look under ADULTS, Conveniently book your spot online.

The RAZ team is here to help you and our community.

Let's heal together toward joy and freedom, safely!


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