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RAZ news of Jan 3-7, 2022 | Antarctica! | Week 3 - Winter Day Camp with Art for Kids

Kids explored art & stories of coldest places in the world; discovered new year life lessons; learned to paint build sculpt from art teachers

Bundled up for RAZ Winter Day Camp with art for kids.

New in-person day camps are available Jan. and Feb. 2022

Events at RAZ in Beverly Hills are some of the best kid’s activities during school breaks or vacations in West Los Angeles!

WEEK 3 of “Miracles, Magic & Joy” - ANTARCTICA CAMP, JAN 3-7:

Professional art teachers guided campers to make fun projects inspired by exploring the coldest places in the world; North Pole, Alaska, Norway, Canada and Russia. Children made “Miracles, Magic & Joy” in projects while discovering Northern lights, Arctic animals, Viking characters,

Monday - North Pole

Winter Art Campers enjoyed the signature RAZ hot chocolate drink to start.

Life Lesson - The New Year (beginning) is exactly the same, but different, in every culture.

The RAZ team introduced children to the reindeer for their sleigh ride over snow and ice on the "trip." Kids learned:

  • To create mixed media collages of their furry friends.

  • Painting on black canvas to celebrate the New Year in 2022.

Tuesday - Alaska

What do people live in the north, with snow and ice? Budding artists imagined, then started to build 3D winter houses with foam board and wood.

The kids loved this project so much they wanted to keep working on it all day. They made winter scenes, Decorated with ornaments; painted pine cone trees, and sculpted a snowman.

Life Lesson - Exploration leads to knowledge!

Wednesday - Norway
  • Learned to sketch - a treasure map and roll it into a scroll

  • Made a Viking shield - mixing colors in paint, assembling handles

  • Created a warrior hat - fabric paint & markers, shaped 'horns'

  • Sculpted trolls - magic clay

Thursday - Canada

Campers built a snowman from wood, created a landscape collage with fabrics, and made a snow globe.

Did you know?

1. Canadians eat more Mac & Cheese than anyone else in the world!

2. Chewing gum was invented in Toronto

3. Canada has 21 active volcanoes

4. Santa Claus is Canadian, that’s why his signature look is the red and white of the national flag.

Friday - Russia

The last day of Antarctica week was beyond COOL! We made art projects inspired by Russia and added some winter magic to them.

Campers painted their own Matryoshka dolls, assembled a cat card for their family, mixed some magic potion in a bottle. But there's more!

Did you know?
  • The first edition of Tetris was invented in Russia by Alexey Pazhitnov.

  • Cats have jobs in Russia. It started as a joke on April Fool's Day when Hermitage Museum "hired" a cat as its doorman. Everybody voted to keep it.

  • Matryoshka dolls are a traditional representation of the mother carrying a child within her.

Plus kids made and played with S-L-I-M-E!

Limited space; it's recommended to BOOK now to reserve your kids' spots

"Look Grandma, I made this card for mommy."

"She begged her mom to come back to RAZ." said grandma on Friday.


Find inspiring ideas in RAZ winter art day camps. Moms in LA say RAZ is better than art school. Kids explore art, stories & music from different cultures while learning a new skill or life lesson. If you are looking for fun things to do with kids in LA, Robertson Art Zone is one of the best.

This winter our team at RAZ is SHARING LIGHT & CREATIVITY,

we cordially invite you & your family to join in the

Bookings are available: 1 week, multiple weeks, or 1 day within each camp.

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