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Mia's Birthday was Cool with RAZ Art Party Entertainment, Frozen & Pool

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

From the moment they came, guests found a cool place. It was themed with the movie Frozen and the RAZ Art Zone.

Birthday girl Mia chose two make & take activities, tie-dye T-shirts and slime! Wow!

Mia's father walks through a snowy-blue balloon archway to greet his birthday girl in the back. Her mom and family friends get set for guests to arrive.

The Robertson Art Zone art party entertainment team arrived early and set up creative activity stations ready for party guests as they arrived. Right away children had something fun to do and cheerful personal attention. The kids had time to create their own designs with the colors they wanted.

RAZ artists facilitated each guest in creating an exciting party gift they could make and take home to enjoy. Children, parents, and the birthday girl Mia show off the unique pieces of artwork they made.

Parents and grandparents were able to chill and visit while children were occupied with the creative entertainment.

Aunt Danniella got into the action of making artwork T-shirts for the family to wear too!

Meanwhile, Miss Elsa from the Movie Frozen waltzed in, entrancing the children with her music and grace. Kiddos swam in the pool and had pizza while their tie-dye T-shirts dried.

Partygoers of all ages enjoyed the outdoor food and fellowship.

After swimming and eating kids came to the slime zone RAZ creativity experts had set up. They had all the supplies and equipment to do one of kids' favorite things -- get messy with slime! But RAZ knew how to contain the excitement -- after kids stirred and squished the team had the little ones put their slime into cups with lids to take home.

Everything at Mia's birthday party was so cool.


Mia, we wish you a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful year to come.

Thank you for a beautiful time and the opportunity to celebrate with you and your friends. We had a blast making these fun things with you and seeing the sheer delight in everyone's eyes as they unraveled their creations.

Yael, Kimberly & Yehuda

Robertson Art Zone



Mia's RAZ creative activity zone was one of the many combinations possible with Robertson Art Zone. To make your event special and personal, RAZ offers two lists of creative activities from which to choose and a helpful RAZ party planner.

Check out various activity choices on the website and book your own RAZ Art Party Entertainment for birthdays and more.

Let's have fun!

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