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We asked our team what are they excited about this Summer Art Camp

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

“It’s so fun & useful! Each art camp student will get their own RAZ Travel Kit with real essentials for everywhere they go in life,” explains Yael Lichaa, Robertson Art Zone founder. The RAZ summer art camp team has developed a valuable program of a better world view. Yael asked her RAZ Team what they’re most excited about.

“I am excited to help children to expand their world by introducing them to cultures of different countries, their history, discoveries, language, products, climate, music and food,” said Hagit Damto, RAZ Team coordinator.

“I love how art is a language of colors that kids can explore the world together. Children of the world come in many colors; red & yellow’ black & white & brown; all are precious in my sight!” Exclaimed Kimberly Grace, RAZ Team marketing & office manager.

“I am excited about experiencing the art of each place to see how each country presents their culture to the world. I am especially excited for our Middle Eastern week because we will be learning about Ancient Egypt and building the pyramids and other mythical Egyptian creatures,” Rachel Magen, RAZ Team teacher & travel assistant.

“I’m thrilled to use different mediums like painting, drawing, sculpting and especially building to make unique art projects that will be meaningful and beautiful for children to show to their friends and family,” said RAZ owner Yael. She is most excited about the musical play during the last 2 weeks of summer. RAZ campers and counselors write a story on how different nations discover unity in diversity by facing a common enemy to peace. Who is it? The worthwhile surprise is letting campers find the answer.

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