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RAZ News of Dec 27 - 30 | New Year Magic | Week 2 - RAZ Winter Day Camps

Week 2 of winter day camps sold out. Kids had exclusive appearances of both the author and the illustrator of a children's book.

All week RAZ studio was full of campers. Thankfully, the single-day booking options worked well for parents' schedules for holidays. RAZ offered multiple-day discounts that helped too.

Are you looking for fun things to do with kids in LA? Kids explore art, stories & music from different cultures while learning a new skill or life lesson.

You will find inspiring ideas in the winter art day camps in the Beverly Hills RAZ studio.

Our RAZ Guarantee:
  • Children learn creative skills

  • How to tell stories through art

  • Plus make lasting memories

Moms in LA say Robertson Art Zone is better than art school.

The RAZ studio team, "Hi! We're happy to meet you." [Top L: illustrator Hagit Damto, R: author Yael Lichaa, Bottom: designer Kimberly Grace]

Here's the news of

"Miracles, Magic & Joy" WEEK 2 - NEW YEAR MAGIC CAMP, Dec 27 - 30:

Children listened to a storybook read by both its author Yael Lichaa and its

illustrator Hagit Damto throughout week 2 in our RAZ winter day camp series.

"The Hidden Light" is about a 14-year old boy who traveled back through time to get a magical oil jar away from a villain named Zar whose goal was to stop all miracles of our true soul's purposes from happening. Bringing its lessons to life, kids created art projects based on the story.

You are invited to enjoy this

New Year Magic

RAZ Photo Gallery of your kids' art projects
based on the book "The Hidden Light"

made Dec 27 - 30, 2021

in WEEK 2 - RAZ Winter Day camps,

Miracles, Magic & Joy

Throughout the week RAZ campers painted a time portal, built a time travel machine, designed characters, sculpted ancient vessels, plus did fun New Year-themed activities and more. Every day was new and exciting.

Monday at RAZ day camp
  • RAZ art campers learned how to mix colors and abstract paint while creating a time portal.

They also learned collage' skills creating a character from the book with fabrics and leather.

Tuesday at RAZ day camp
  • Kids built time travel machines from the story and discovered how to recycle used items into fun toys (and inexpensive!)

Also, the author read from "The Hidden Light" book and children made a 3D bakery shop or animal farm for illustration. Skills included sculpting goodies or animals to put in their scenes.

Kids learned how to make wearable art with a theme. Swirling time portals!

When parents picked up RAZ art campers they were amazed at how many artworks their children made.

Wednesday at RAZ day camp
  • Art teachers introduced reference material of real ancient pottery vessels

Kids learned to sculpt and glaze a magical oil jar from the story with clay

They created a garden, learned about the beauty of nature, and finished the storybook. Wow!

Thursday at RAZ day camp
  • Children learned to use easels, brushes, different types of paints, and black canvas

  • They remembered the best of 2021 and celebrated the New Year 2022!

Children's worlds got bigger by seeing how kids from other cultures live and celebrate.

  • Campers learned in China each year becomes a different character, 2022 is the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

  • They made an interactive artwork of mixed media - a Tiger puppet!

One of the kids' favorites was to capture memories of their experience at RAZ winter day camp in a snow globe. And then, what can we say about making slime? Fun! (And RAZ team cleans up the mess ;-)

But there's more!

There is limited in-person space; it's recommended to:

BOOK now to reserve your kids' spots

Next kids will enjoy signature hot chocolate, prizes & projects from the coldest places in Week 3 of Miracles, Magic & Joy winter day camp.

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