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RAZ NEWS of Dec 20 -24, 2021 | Art with Stories | Week 1 -RAZ Winter Day Camp

Kids explore art, stories & music of "Miracles, Magic & Joy" from different cultures while learning new life lessons or skills, i.e. paint, build, sculpt, with art teachers.

This season the team at RAZ is SHARING LIGHT & CREATIVITY. We cordially invite you & your family to join in the "Miracles, Magic & Joy" at Robertson Art Zone.

About RAZ Art Projects:

RAZ Campers get to experience how much fun it is to capture the essence of a story or tradition within an artwork project that can become a keepsake. This week they made snowglobes!

Our lives are made special by making memories through cultural traditions which can represent many things.


Campers heard holiday stories by art teachers of miracles, magic & meaningful lessons from different cultures.

Based on these kids made projects using mediums of painting, building, and sculpting.

WEEK 1 - Art with Stories: Each day was a new story & many magical projects:

Day 1

Hi Everyone, we had a fun first day with many projects, based on an Italian story, The Bell of Atri.

Monday (Diversity) The Bell of Atri, an Italian story; projects included making a horse!

Life Lesson: It’s best to be kind & fair towards each other, even animals

TUESDAY (New Year) King of the Forest, a Chinese popup book story; projects included an animal calendar

Day 2

We read a Chinese Story, The Fox and The Tiger. Campers learned a few life lessons from it.

DAY 2 We made:
  • a calendar with 12 Chinese animals,

  • sculpted with Magic Clay,

  • made a pop-up book and

  • experimented with watercolors.

WEDNESDAY (Christmas) The Mexican Legend of Poinsettias story

Day 3

Kids made ingenious artworks from recycled objects.

Life Lesson: If you put all your love and care into something not so pretty you can still make it very special and important.
THURSDAY (Kwanzaa) The Feast, African story
Life Lesson: Each of our actions, no matter how small, is important and affects the whole world

Day 4 Children "traveled" to Africa and made a lot of projects:
  • African Kente cloth design and

  • tie-dye shirts

  • a self portrait with collage, based on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and learned about expressing our happiness and pain in art.

And RAZ participants played a game to encourage teamwork and patience.

FRIDAY Day 5, Miracles, Magic & Joy:

It was a fun Magical day! Kids made a lot of cute projects.

WEEK 1 - A few more valuable LIFE LESSONS children learned with the RAZ method of making art through storytelling:
  • It’s best to be kind & fair towards each other

  • Not to take credit for other people’s actions & qualities

  • Recognize & value our own strengths and accomplishments

Are you looking for fun things to do with kids in LA? Find inspiring ideas in RAZ winter art day camps. Moms in LA say RAZ is better than art school. Go!

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There is limited space; it's recommended to:

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Week 3 Jan 3-7, MIracles, Magic & Joy - ANTARCTICA CAMP

1-day Jan. 17, Martin Luther King Day Camp

5-day Jan. 24-28, Yeshiva Break Camp

1-day Feb. 21, Presidents’ Day Camp

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