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RAZ Art Camps with Stories Around the World of Heroes and Villians

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

This summer, "travel" the World with RAZ, become your own Hero, and create your own adventures, through fine & performing arts! Ages 5-12

RAZ's 2023 summer program is designed to unite art and storytelling while teaching important life lessons. By encouraging story-building capabilities, campers learn how to channel their own inner heroes and villains into healthy forms of expression.

Our Summer Art Camps are simulated tours that explore new cultures through the lens of stories. Each week, campers “visit” 1 of the 7 continents and discover the classic myths and stories, along with the heroes and villains, that make up each culture. Every continent opens a world of stories, art (drawing, painting, sculpting, building, designing), fashion, music, and dance and inspires the week’s projects and field trips. Campers also expand their worldview with activities that incorporate fun facts about geography, history, and social studies.

Guided by professional teachers, children paint, draw, sculpt, and build up to 3 projects in a day. In a full week, kids make a gallery of up to 10 art projects! Prepare an extra space in your house for your child’s art gallery :)

By the end of each week, children make unforgettable memories and new friends from around the world!

Week 1, Middle East, June 12-16 What if you had 3 wishes? Join us on a journey into an enchanting world full of flying carpets, magical lanterns, and genies, as we explore captivating tales from the adventurous Sinbad to the Legend of Atlantis!

Week 2, Africa, June 19-23 Discover the fascinating myths and cultures of Africa - from mysterious creatures to captivating drum beats. Embark on a journey that could unlock your inner spider-sense!

Week 3, Europe, June 26-30 Once upon a time, Europe was inhabited by fairies, witches, and magical creatures. It's time to bring them back! And if you find your inner beast, conquer it with beauty, art & LOVE!

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