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Workshop | How to Teach Art | the Unique RAZ Method

Do you want to create art? Do you like to help people? Learn art skills and share them with others.

"Today, art is valued not only as a vehicle of expression but as a discipline that builds skills in observation, communication, interpretation, and understanding cultural diversity."

Scott, Laura. "Art Teacher Evaluation Tools," Chron.

Who is this workshop for?

To help motivate and inspire parents, teachers, educators, therapists, facilitators, and leaders who want to build or expand their own skills and incorporate unique techniques into their family, work, and community.


Train individuals to connect to their creativity and share it with others, using different art mediums and the unique RAZ approach of learning and teaching.

What you'll learn

  • How everyone can be an artist

  • Tools to encourage others in their process of self-expression

  • Know about important techniques for class management

  • Learn the theories behind techniques; color theory, 2D and 3D

  • Plan and organize creativity lessons with ease


  • You love creativity or art, that love is contagious, and want to help others


  • Appreciation for the basics, patience, willingness to work slow or fast

Course Schedule

  • 5:30-7:30 PM for 4 Tuesdays. The course will repeat Feb 1 - 22, Mar 8 - 29

Course Content

Class 1 - Everyone can be an Artist

  • Topic - Define art, break limitations or fear, and open ourselves to our intuitive skills.

  • Exercise - Blindfold, doodle challenge

  • Skills - Overcoming fears, developing intuition and imagination

  • Project: Draw characters from inspired objects and sculpt them with magic clay

UPDATE: From Tues. Feb 1, 22 - Participants were amazed at final project results from class 1 -Everyone Can Be an Artist. They experienced and learned ways to help overcome fears, develop intuition and imagination through unique RAZ exercises.

Class 2 - Painting and Color Theory

  • Topic - Color wheel

  • Exercise - Mixing primary colors to get secondary & tertiary colors

  • Skills - Gain knowledge of color combination and painting techniques, learn the secret of black & white

  • Project - Painting on canvas using their palettes

Class 3 - Shapes and Proportions

  • Topic - Breaking down a human figure into shapes

  • Exercise - Drawing characters with charcoal

  • Skills - Transitioning from 2D thinking to 3D, hot glue safety

  • Projects - Building a character with wood and fabrics

Class 4 - Identifying your Skills and Talents

  • Topic -Apply what you learned to share it with others

  • Exercise - Create a lesson plan for one project including objective, goal, materials, steps

  • Skills - Developing critical thinking and reducing anxiety

  • Projects - Create a unique art piece, using any medium from 3 previous classes

RAZ founder Yael Lichaa, RAZ manager Hagit Damto, RAZ writer Kimberly Grace
"One of the best ways for people to learn art and use it as an expression is to take real moments or memories from their lives," says RAZ studio manager and teacher Hagit Damto. "People break through their limitations and learn faster showing/telling their story."

This workshop is designed to be part of a certificate program. The opportunity to attend and observe art class instruction at RAZ is available if you want to teach art at the studio. We are looking for teachers.

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