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A Fun Pre-Valentine's Art Night | Sunday, Feb. 13, 6-8:00 PM | RAZ, Beverly Hills

Ha! You might think you won’t be good at an artsy thingy. What if THE WHOLE POINT IS NOT TO WORRY? Just to let go, laugh, and get MESSY.

Sunday, February 13th, 6-8:00 PM | Singles, Friends, Couples (21 and up) | You are cordially invited to NOT DRESS UP for fun - hors d'oeuvres - chocolate - wine.

“It’s elevating, inspiring, a time of joy and healing. Everyone leaves happy, and with a unique personal artwork to keep!” Kimberly Grace, Yael Lichaa

Are you wondering, if you’d be intrigued to play a few crazy activities with others to break through blocks?

  • Okay, MAYBE

What if you could surprise yourself with what comes out, or how much you actually enjoy it?

  • SURPRISED, for sure

Would you be willing to take a risk? That by the end of the night >> you’ll project yourself in a most favorable light <<.

  • Ah-ha! ABSOLUTELY ;-)


Singles, Friends, Couples (ages 21 and up)
You are cordially invited to:


at Robertson Art Zone, Beverly Hills

Sunday, February 13th, 6-8:00 PM

fun - hors d’oeuvres - chocolate - wine

Mixed Media Collage with painting, fabric, leather and more

Enter the RAZ, Beverly Hills challenge to exercise your creative muscle and surprise yourself!

  • Come get messy and enjoy a relaxing evening in a good atmosphere, where you can celebrate YOU

  • Come be adventurous with unique techniques to discover your creativity; laugh a lot and overcome limiting beliefs

  • Come interact with real people in a safe place, rather than talk to a technology device

  1. Learn a new skill or life lesson

  2. Experience various art mediums

  3. Enjoy and create new memories


One of Beverly Hills' best activities is the Robertson Art Zone Adult Creativity Program. It is designed for all levels from novice to advance.


RAZ Team is here for you


Robertson Art Zone

1101 Robertson Blvd. #104,

Los Angeles 90035

at the corner of

Robertson Blvd & Whitworth

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