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A Cultural World Tour | Summer Camps with Art for Kids | RAZ, Beverly Hills

Drum roll, please... Announcing our theme for this summer - "Reconnecting ALL of You in 2022!"

“Kids learn more in RAZ art camps than school!” parents said.

At the beginning of 2022 Robertson Art Zone embarked on an ambitious project to help combat the stresses and isolation heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with many organizations worldwide. The additional benefits of Healing, Freedom, and Joy have been designed into all RAZ services.

"My kids come home happy. They love to come to RAZ camps."

The good news is children, teens, and adults participating in classes and camps of the astutely designed project have gained very positive results. Parents can depend on elements of healing, freedom, and joy incorporated into all 2022 RAZ Summer Camps with Art for Kids as well.

(See more of last year's explorations and creations at end of this article)


Now the RAZ Team is getting excited about this summer's new theme as they plan an amazing array of fun things for kids to do from LA. Are you ready to see it?

The RAZ, Beverly Hills will be the headquarters from which summer day campers will "embark" on simulated tours to different countries and continents each day. Kids will discover the cultural arts in many ways and experience the elevating RAZ theme for summer 2022:

RAZ Cultural Arts World Tour

"Reconnecting ALL of YOU in 2022"

An exploration into your uniqueness and connection as a part of the world through the view of - an individual, a family, community, nation, country, and beyond.

"Why Reconnect? Connection is one of our greatest needs and desires as social animals—to progress and prosper, we need to feel acceptance, inclusion, fulfillment, and emotional safety." Susan Young

Think about the phrase -- "Reconnecting ALL of you in 2022."

  1. What people, places, or things make up all of YOU?

  2. Now, switch the emphasis.

  3. What people, places, or things make up ALL of you?

"Reconnecting ALL of YOU in 2022"

Let the RAZ Team know, and your ideas or questions could be included in an activity or published.

  • Text your idea to RAZ studio at 424-466-9006

  • Email:

Some ideas the RAZ Team sketched may get you started:

  • Who are you? What do you want?

  • Finding your special place in the world

  • Reconnecting with others

  • Artsy science magic - explore and build a universe

  • Animation lab - creating your own superhero

(See more of last year's explorations and creations at end of this article)

With the 2022 theme in mind, children will discover cultural arts of the world “traveling” from mid-June to late August in the 10-week curriculum for RAZ summer camps.

Each day

Degreed art teachers guide kids on an immersion experience through stories, music, dance, sports, 3 creative projects to learn painting, drawing, building with wood and board, or sculpting.

Each week

A trek over a different continent with:
  • a fun field trip on Wednesdays

  • a tourist shop on Fridays

  • tour of 4 countries

  • making a dozen art projects

  • sports, music, and dance

BONUS! Get a Big Travel Kit

Kids who register for a week or more will receive a bonus travel kit of their own:

  • Canvas satchel bag for exploration of up to 7 continents

  • Simulated RAZ passport to get stamped in each country visited

  • Real travel ID pouch to hold their passport and RAZ coins (for family trips!)

  • art travel journal to write and draw what you discover

  • water bottle

"Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity." Kay Redfield Jamison/ Psychologist

RAZ Summer Day Camps with Art for Kids

2021 Summer World Tour -"Unity Through Diversity"

See the RAZ Art & Travel Journals on our Website Blog

(CLICK each title to see what children experienced in that week of the RAZ summer 2021 world tour.)


What's Your Story?

What's Your World?

Let's Make it Bigger!

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Yael Lichaa
Yael Lichaa
2022년 2월 23일

When will summer camp registration open? We cannot wait to sign up!

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