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Next week Africa -reserve your spot. Schedule of Projects. Hurry, last camp sold out!

Children toured the Middle East in the first week of RAZ Summer Art Camp 2021. Campers had fun getting their Passports stamped at each country they toured this week including Israel, Morocco, Iran and Egypt. They recorded names and capitals of each country, drew the flags and collected currency.

Look what Rachel painted! Campers were challenged to paint a concept. They learned about creation, and how it relates to new beginnings.

“Weeee!’ exclaimed Ari and friends as they decorated their Egyptian boats with treasures found from Wednesday’s field trip to the Leo Carrillo State Beach, Malibu.

You can still join us this week !
Thursday and Friday
June 25 & 26
Day Camp spots open!
Book your kids on a Safari of Africa's arts & cultures now

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