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Become a RAZ counselor and take your first steps in the world of work!

Our extraordinary workshop will guide you every step of the way. Upon completion, you'll be able to start earning an amazing income as a counselor during classes, birthdays and camps - not only adding invaluable experiences to your CV but also life skills that are sure to give you an incredible advantage moving forward!


An unforgettable four-week journey to discover the ins and outs of teaching art, understanding children's needs and mastering the RAZ method. Develop your skills while coming together with likeminded individuals!


Take your skills to a whole new level by joining 4 amazing classes or birthday parties! With practice comes growth: see first-hand our amazing teachers deliver exceptional experiences and put your gained knowledge into action!


Your hard work in training and class has finally paid off! You're now ready to start your journey as a counselor. You'll get plenty of opportunities to earn an impressive income as a counselor during classes, birthday parties, and of course during our big summer camp!


 Our Counselor Certificate serves as testament that you have completed our learning journey and know what it takes to be part of this unique team. As a RAZ counselor you are at the perfect place to start developing all of those invaluable life skills: teamwork, responsibility, leadership, potentially setting up your own inspiring business....and so much more!

4 Weeks 

Counselor Workshop

May 10 - 31

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