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RAZ Summer Camps 2023
Week 1 - Week 8 
Detailed Breakdown

What if you had 3 wishes? Join us on a journey into an enchanting world full of flying carpets, magical lanterns and genies, as we explore captivating tales from the adventurous Sinbad to the Legend of Atlantis!

Discover the fascinating myths and cultures of Africa - from mysterious creatures to captivating drum beats. Embark on a journey that could unlock your inner spider-sense!

Once upon a time, Europe was inhabited by fairies, witches, and magical creatures. It's time to bring them back! And if you find your inner beast, conquer it with beauty, art & LOVE!

(!) 3 Days Only (!) 

Calling all superheroes! It's time to join the ultimate battle between good & evil! Showcase YOUR superpower and get ready to fly into 3 days of action-packed fun.

Experience the bright colors, dances & nature of the beautiful Latino culture. Fight evil birds that try to make the rain stop, create magical dolls that take away all worries, and learn secrets & wisdom from a wise giant.  

Unlock the mysteries of the oldest continent that exists. From moon spirits to dragon kings, explore some of the most captivating traditions. And wait til you see what happens when you create your own Lotus Lantern - a flower lamp that is said to have magical powers.

What if fish didn't always live underwater, that the moon was created by two sisters, and that Koalas & Dingos saved the whole Outback? Australia has not only some of the most famous natural wonders but also ancient mystical tales, that we will bring to life!

Get ready to embark on an icy adventure! Brave the elements and uncover a realm of frozen secrets. There's no better time for training your dragons and building your own igloos!

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