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RAZ Journal- European Escapade, June 29 -July 2. Lots of Photos!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Romanced by tales of English royal guard, a magical mouse, and solid gold Faberge eggs, children explored the wealth of historical culture and art mediums of Europe for 5 days in week 3 of RAZ Summer Art camp 2021, visiting Italy, France, England, Russia, and Ukraine.

(To see the 6-photo slideshow, click the arrow on right side of the picture above)

  1. Campers started in the boot-shaped country which kicked off the Italian Renaissance.

  2. They learned to mix paint from scratch with real pigments, egg yolk and plaster.

  3. Then by making clay sculptures kids realized the importance of knowing human anatomy in figure art inspired by Michelangelo’s famous works.

(To see the 9-photo slideshow, click the arrow on right side of the picture above)

On their field trip to Los Angeles Center for Modern Art, LACMA, kids were immersed in exhibits of original European paintings and sculptures as famous artists broke from the rules of Renaissance to Impressionism.

(To see the 7-photo slideshow, click the arrow on right side of the picture above)

RAZ guest dance teacher showed kids a few ballet movements, their origins tracing to royal Italian and French court entertainment during the Renaissance.

  1. Campers’ talents emerged as RAZ art teachers trained how to make a French swatch page of fashion design.

  2. They were inspired that people who raised children with dignity in France got a real “Medal of the French Family,” and there are 400 kinds of cheese!

  3. Campers documented discoveries and amazing facts like these from countries they visited in travel art journals.

(To see the 10-photo slideshow, click the arrow on right side of the picture above)

Art campers’ imaginations sparkled while listening to Yael’s stories from her life on the European continent as they painted Matryoshka dolls and decorated Faberge eggs. Yael told folktales about the goose who laid golden eggs but someone stole its life from greed and how babushkas (grandmas) weren’t Matryoshkas (nesting dolls carved from one log). Matryoshkas symbolize motherhood, nurturing, and the beauty of Russian culture.

Children learned that Russia is home to the largest McDonalds in the world with 700 indoor seats! And the tradition of designing Easter eggs came from Ukraine, plus true aristocrats in Russia display their gems of wealth and power in rare golden Faberge eggs, of which only a few exist in the world.

(To see the 8-photo slideshow, click the arrow on right side of the picture above)

  1. While visiting England kids “dressed” a Queen's Royal Guard by assembling wood, fabric and finery with hot glue.

  2. They logged in their travel art journal that London has the largest library in the world with 170 million items. Learning architectural elements.

  3. While in Spain campers built 3D buildings with mosaics inspired by Anthony Gaudi, then cut out cathedral rose windows from the Romanesque period.

  4. They also found Mr. Pérez, the magical mouse who leaves a treasure when children lose a tooth!

As world explorers, because it's important to be able to find their way if they get lost, the RAZ team taught campers how to make a compass from scratch using a magnet and marking north, south, west, east. The “travelers” also got their passports stamped, drew the flags of countries, recorded capitals and coins.

Going on a quest through Europe to learn about the world -- What an adventure!

This was week 3 & European Escapade was continent 2


The 2021 RAZ Summer Art Camp world tour

"Unity Through Diversity."

Each week's educational and cultural art experience is part of the summer RAZ curriculum to immerse children in discovering and "traveling" the world over 10 weeks (June 14 - Aug 20). While staying at the RAZ studio in Beverly Hills kids learn geography, history, and social studies as they explore 7 continents.


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These last 3 weeks of working as part of the RAZ Team are better than dreams I had as a kid longing for this kind of experience. I wish every child could find RAZ and come. It’s beyond amazing.

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