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Summer Camps April discount ends soon!

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Make Memories for a Lifetime at

June 12 - August 11
Ages 6-1, Mon-Fri, 9:30am-3pm


RAZ 2023 summer program is designed to unite art and storytelling while teaching important life lessons.

By encouraging story-building capabilities, campers learn how to channel their own inner heroes and villains into healthy forms of expression.


Imagine your children’s excitement of creating their favorite things.

They can choose their own theme party from anime shows, superheroes, cartoons, games, animals, or their UNIQUE story.


Join the RAZ

Counselor Workshop today!

Ready to take your first steps in the world of work?



At RAZ we understand how busy modern life is, so we are launching new, flexible class hours in order to best accommodate your family’s schedule!


RAZ campers experience cultural

& holiday art through stories, music, dancing or sports, fashion, painting, drawing, sculpting, and building with wood. In a full day, campers create up to 4 projects.

In a full week, kids make a gallery of up to 12 art projects! 

RAZ Day Camps are offered by the day, week, and multiple weeks.

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My sons ages 8 and 6 attended Spring Camp and both had an amazing time there. It's a very special studio, run by a warm and caring owner. Yael and her team really sparked their creativity, and allowed my sons the space and time to create and explore. They came home each day with sculptures made from wood or clay or mixed materials, telling stories of all that they learned and cool art materials they got to try.

Glue guns!  Water color pencils! Clay!  Highly recommend.

Dro R.

Meet the Teachers

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Yael Lichaa

Founder & Art Teacher,

Hagit Damto

Drawing & Stop Motion Teacher, Integrator
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